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EPITAPH: Complete recordings of Insanity Defense on CD, plus bonus DVD!

HELL IS FOR HIPPIES: The complete Satan’s Cheerleaders recordings on CD, including a previously unreleased 18 track demo album from 1985, and bonus DVD!

BEST OF UNSOUND BANDS: A limited edition vinyl comp, including choice cuts from ID and SC as well as Fatal Vision, Stands For Nothing and the Glen Heads!

PLUS: A very limited super-rare cache of original vintage Insanity Defense “Pilgrim State” vinyl LPs!

When the bands broke up back in 1985, we pretty much lost touch with the NYHC/punk scene. We only recently discovered there are still fans out there, connecting on the web, looking for our old recordings, ripping our cassettes & file-sharing —which is awesome!!  We're really very honored that you’re still enjoying our music after all these years.  We created this site for you.

These re-releases are just another way to make our stuff available (cuz believes us when we tell ya kids, we ain’t making much scratch off this!)

Look for future releases on this page, including a Cheerleaders “Live at CBGB’s” CD and Unsound side projects like the Grittlesnakes...

Please contact us: info@unsoundbands.com